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1. [Boy in Thai] It does not involve any [pornographic, obscene] information, and has actually presented various gay activities in Thailand.

2. [Boy in Thai] It is mainly based on store sharing, ratings, and user reviews, and does not involve any bad behavior such as brushing comments. If there is a screen spam, we will restrict the user's login access.

3. [Boy in Thai] The shared content is mainly for gay entertainment. If you feel uncomfortable while browsing the web, please pause and close the browser.

4. We will do our best to display the latest content, but there may be a possibility of information lag, and we cannot guarantee that any information will be accurate at any time. You should use your own prudence to determine the authenticity, legality and validity of the relevant services and/or information, and bear any resulting responsibilities and losses.

5. [Boy in Thai] Some pictures on the website come from the Internet. If there are copyright or privacy issues, please contact us to delete them.

6. This website does not assume any risks for any information obtained by users through the [Boy in Thai] website; users shall be fully responsible for any legal liability, copyright disputes, third-party liability, joint and several liability, etc. resulting from such use.

7. Any legal issues involved in this website will be handled in accordance with the laws and regulations of [Kingdom of Thailand].